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Catalyst CARE Refund Policy


Refund Policy: Discounts are available for prepayments, however a request for a refund MUST be made in writing. All refunds, if qualified, will be based on calculating the standard fees (normally $50 per Catalyst session). The prepayment period is the agreed upon frame time that the prepayment covers (i.e., one month, three months, 12 months, etc.) Qualified refunds are calculated by subtracting the services rendered at the regular rate from the amount paid. For example, people whose Catalyst monthly fee is discounted to $150 per month are offered four sessions (1/week). After three weeks of sessions, there would be no refund available, because the regular rate is $50 per session ($50 X 3 sessions = $150). Because the $150 would be used up before the end of the prepaid period (after the third session), no refund would be available after the third session. The purpose of offering prepayment options is to reward people with free sessions, redeemed at the end of a payment period. Fees are NOT discounted. Instead, service are being offered free of charge at the end of a payment period. Please note: Not adhering to the cancellation policy (not giving at least 24-hour notice for cancelling a scheduled appointment) counts toward calculating the services rendered in determining whether or not a refund is qualified.