A Catalyst session consists of three phases: 1) Intention, 2) Initiation, and 3) Integration.

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Catalyst is neurological nutrition for the body, a positive, peaceful influence that will enhance your adaptability and become a welcomed part of you. Receiving a Catalyst session is like eating fresh fruits and vegetables. When you put higher quality nutrition into your body, your whole being responds accordingly, more supportively.

Below is a list of Certified Catalyst Facilitators. You can explore their approach.

City, State
San Jose, CA
Albany, GA
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Canton, GA
Douglasville, GA
Duluth, GA
Marietta, GA
Roswell, GA
Roswell, GA
Villa Rica, GA
Woodstock, GA
Spokane, WA

Velma Popham
Dr. Nancy Davis
Bill Laney
Stephanie Murphy
Lois Zellman
Dr. Stephanie Taylor Mahle
Tamalla Mallet
Amala H. Forman
Howard Allgeier
Dr. Michael A. Scimeca
Dr. Stephanie Taylor Mahle
Dell Dorenbosch
Shannon Chrysler