Catalyst highlights new ways of being in the world. Not ignoring what works, but working with it more masterfully.

ADVANCED Catalyst Class

rippleFacilitating Catalyst is Easy ...

The Advanced Class is a hands-on program that shares the highest proficiencies of Catalyst available.

The Advanced Class Covers:
* Meeting Expressive and Developmental Needs
* Personaizing the Educational Component
* Embracing Forward Healing for Offerring Empowering Solutions
* Promoting Greater Integration / Lifestyle Changes
* Facilitating Type 4 ("Blue")

In Addition, You Will Learn How To:
* Release Stuck Expressions (Recursions)
* Use Intention Facilitatively
* Expand the Neurological Core / Increase Plasticity
* Communicate Vitalistically

The Advanced Catalyst Class Dates and Times:
Sat. & Sun. (10:00AM-5:00PM)

Send an email to learn of any upcoming classes.

Students must complete the Basic Catalyst Class before attending the Advanced Catalyst Class. Students who complete the Basic Catalyst Class, Advanced Catalyst Class, and Catalyst Certification Class within a 24 month period are eligible to sit for the Catalyst Certification Examination.