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The Correspondence Course


The Catalyst Correspondence Course is available for all CCFs who choose to obtain continuing education credit hours on-line. CCFs may receive up to 12 continuing education credit hours per calendar year on-line. CCFs who are "current" (up to date) with continuing education requirements only need 12 hours of instruction per calendar year. This course satisfies CCFs who are "current" regarding continuing education requirements.

CCFs who are not "current" need 24 hours of continuing education to regain their "current" status. The Correspondence Course provides 12 of the 24 hours necessary.

The Correspondence Course is made up of 6 two-hour lessons:
      Lesson 1) Intention I - Personal Intention & Objectives
      Lesson 2) Intention II - Catalyst Intention & Objectives
      Lesson 3) Initiation I - Basic Catalyst Concepts & Techniques
      Lesson 4) Initiation II - Advanced Catalyst Concepts & Techniques
      Lesson 5) Integration I - Policies & Procedures
      Lesson 6) Integration II - Communications

Each lesson must be completed within seven days from the time the lesson has been sent.

To register, mail a $195 check made payable to: Living Well Education
1182 Grimes Bridge Rd., Suite 400, Roswell, GA 30075
or register by phone: 770-912-9197