Looking for high quality hands-on care for the body? Look no further. Catalyst supports optimal functionality by enhancing body awareness and creative wellness.

CATALYST CLASS 2019 - Be There!!!
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Catalyst sets the standard in supporting optimal functionality. Facilitators of Catalyst introduce specific stimuli onto various parts of the body. As the name implies, Catalyst becomes an effective agent for making positive changes. It facilitates a greater level of awareness, which naturally ushers in a greater participation in life.

The body, being a receptive-based system, continually adapts to internal and external stimuli. When stimuli is greater than the body's metabolic capacity to adapt, the overwhelm presents itself as stress in the body. This inherent stress causes a decrease or compromise in functionality. Any form of suboptimal functioning negatively impacts a person's overall wellbeing. With Catalyst, people function at higher and higher levels neurologically, bringing about a greater sense of wellbeing and connectedness.

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"There's a greaterness inside you and you can open to it. In fact, you can always get better at expressing your greaterness."