As practice owners, facilitators need to know the ins and outs of doing business as a Catalyst, which is both a joy and a wondrous process of answering the calls.

Certification Class


This Class is for people who are serious about practicing Catalyst.

Certification Class Teaches How To:
* Manage Four Types of Care
* Navigate with the Code of Ethics, Bylaws, and Standards of Practice
* Discern Between Type A and Type B and Between Type C and Type D Body Types
* Modify Care for New and Advanced Participants
* Evaluate, Reevaluate, and Document a Session
* Perform Independent Case Studies
* Follow Practice Strategies that Expand the Body of Work
* Build a Catalyst Practice legally, ethically, and uniquely
* Market and Promote with Integrity

Certification Class Also Teaches How To:
* Communicate in a Language New Participants WILL Understand and Appreciate
* Quantify, Monitor, and Document OBJECTIVE Improvement Indicators
* Work Cooperatively and Effectively with ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE (Participant Management)
* MANAGE A CATALYST PRACTICE with All Four Types of Care (Practice Management)
* Build Rapport and Respect
* STAY AT THE TOP of Your Facilitating Mastery

The Certification Class is an four-module program (12 hours). Contact Catalyst to learn of any upcoming classes.

Students must complete the Basic Catalyst Class before attending the Certification Class. Students who complete the Basic Catalyst Class, Advanced Catalyst Class, and Catalyst Certification Class within a 24 month period are eligible to sit for the Catalyst Certification Examination.