Perhaps the greatest contribution you could make involves 1) being of service to others; 2) serving the wisdom of life and 3) serving the greater connection others have to the wisdom of life.

Basic Catalyst Class


A Deep Dive Into the Red Pill of Healing

Are you ready to learn how make a big leap for significantly enhancing the quality of your contribution as a vortex of healing? If so, facilitating Catalyst will be for you. What exactly is Catalyst? Catalyst is a highly integrative system that positively influences the optimal functionality of the body.

Major Warning BEFORE Proceeding:
New Students are strongly encouraged to consider the implications and impact of studying such a profound and comprehensive system. We will be unpacking some very important components of healing, which demand a deeper, more comprehensive exploration than is commonly seen in our classical, more common, educational systems. Clearly, this is NOT a class to take if you are simply curious or just looking for external tools to help you be slightly more successful or recognized. This IS the class for you, however, if you are truly looking to have easier access to the endless storehouse of internal tools you have at your disposal, requiring your full commitment and never-ending development.

The Basic Catalyst Class teaches:
* Distinctions in Healing and How they Impact Outcome
* Thriveapeutics, Forward Healing, and Successions
* Facilitation for Enhancing Awareness
* Increasing Body Dynamics through a Progressive Application of Neuroplasticity
* Catalytic Assessing & Addressing
* Modifications for Four Different Presenting Body Types
* Using the Threshold Point for Releasing/Unwinding Stored Excessive Tension
* Tracking Non-Linear Pathways of the Body to Determine the Greatest Entry Point
* Stimulating Optimal Functionality
* Working Cooperatively with Each Person's Recipe for Success
* And Much More.

Study Catalyst: Come for the Juice. Stay for the Bounty.

The next Basic Class starts Tuesday night, Sept. 4th at 7:30 pm. This is the beginning of an all-new eight-week program. Each week (eight consecutive Tuesday nights) lasts three hours. If you are unable to attend the first class, you will be unable to attend that eight-week program. We move quickly and succinctly, and each class significantly builds off of the previous one.

Once the eight-week program has begun, you are only allowed to miss one of the last seven weeks. If you miss more than one class, you are unable to return to complete that specific eight-week program.

There are absolutely no refunds without withdrawing officially, which requires doing so in writing before missing a class. Make sure you fully understand the refund policy before enrolling for this specific eight-week program. Since this class is such a deep dive, many people who are not prepared to commit to such an in-depth process fall away. If that might be you, do not attend. If you are ready to meet this challenge head on, feel free to register.

If you have any further questions this web site does not cover, feel free to call 770-912-9197 or send an email here to Contact Catalyst. If you're ready to register, call 770-912-9197 to reserve your space.

Catalyst is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider under Category A.