The Model of Neurological Expansion takes Wellness to an All-New Level in Promoting the Art of Living Well.

The Catalyst Homecoming


The Homecoming Covers:
* Forward Healing
* Converting dissonance to consonance
* Intra- and Inter-personal strategies for enhancing Somatic Awareness and Body Dynamics
* The Tensegrity Approach for assessing and addressing the threshold point between inhibition and excitation of the Awareness-Response Mechanism
* Dissipating stored energy (Type 1) to honor the body as a pure conduit for peace
* Assessing body types (Type 2) to best serve the uniqueness of each vitalistic person
* Advanced Mind/Body Facilitation (Type 3) to promote the coherent expression of wholeness
* Activating Neurological Connectors (Type 4) and understanding the phenomenon of "Blue"
* And much, much more...

Learn how to show up masterfully and share the wealth. This is a hands-on, get-it-in-the-body weekend that leaves participants with an in-depth understanding of serving life. Not sure if The Homecoming is right for you? Come Friday night as our guest … but be ready. A highly transformative weekend is just around the corner!

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Friday Night - 7:30PM-10:30PM, Saturday - 10:00AM-5:00PM, Sunday - 10:00AM-1:00PM