The power of Catalyst is obvious when an Area of Influence who lives in peace touches an Area of Manifestation requesting peace.

Homecoming Testimonials


"This system of facilitation is the most respectful body work I have come across...So much information was shared and seemingly integrated during the weekend. It was breath-filled and relaxed...Dr. Michael Scimeca met the needs of the group well. He considered where people were with the work and taught accordingly" --Stephanie Murphy

"This model has a strong calling for me. I feel my purpose to help empower individuals to realize their potential and perfection. Understanding universal laws as they are, Living-Well Accountability Care operates in accordance with these laws and is, therefore, potent, very powerful...I have been able to learn, practice, and integrate some Basic Catalyst concepts into my life. I feel refreshed and appreciative nearing the end of the weekend--not overwhelmed...Dr. Michael's greatest attribute may be his ability to embody and practice his work; namely the art of living well. As he lives and exemplifies the beauty and joy in living accountably; it yields evidence and inspiration for the investigation and promotion of this most loving, expanding paradigm. THANKS!!" --Pete Haggenjos

"Clearly a supportive process and excellent system of bringing/increasing awareness of positivity within the body...Dr. Michael, you are an excellent class facilitator and your awareness of how much and how far to push each lesson was excellent." --Nicole Barbary

"The whole system of facilitation is a rich reminder of how to live in the day-to-day world, and is unmatched in embracing the perfection of each being who we are honored to serve...The Homecoming is a non-linear collage of rich information, brilliantly addressing both those who are new to Catalyst and those who have previous experience with this body of work. In Catalyst, so much is about the simple, yet far-reaching principles or concepts--focusing on peace, on the solution. First timers are able to run with an introduction to the essence of the work, and veterans are able to bring the work to a new depth and refinement...Quite simply a master teacher, Dr. Scimeca is the most engaging instructor I have ever known. His ability to bring in analogies and use demonstration builds a strong, clear understanding of this amazing ever-evolving body of work." --Amy Forman

"This work works with me and through me...I am learning that I've learned and can still learn...I honestly don't believe the level of articulation of this work and how it carries through...Thank you all." --John Trimpi

"As a practical application, this weekend was a great start...I love the relaxed home-like atmosphere...I love the idea of spreading peace through the body...and allowing the body to spread that awareness to other areas." --James Whillans

"I believe Catalyst to be cutting-edge technology in the field of bodywork to aid in ushering in a new paradigm for better living and better be-ing for the world at large...I believe this model is highly effective and on the extreme edge (in the most positive of ways) of calling participants to be a responsible part of their life...Michael is a very considerate instructor and very adaptable to the classroom dynamics. I found him to be able to change the structure of the information to best fit the learning abilities of the students involved, making the information easily accessible and understandable." --Todd Garland

Friday Night - 7:30PM-10:30PM, Saturday - 10:00AM-5:00PM, Sunday - 10:00AM-1:00PM