By changing the input, you change the output. With an optimal input, the expression of life becomes more supportive for optimazation.

The Philosophy of Catalyst

* Life's intelligence connects and coordinates all living things.
* This animating, orchestrating, unifying, governing intelligence supports the human body.
* We are directed to serve by the wisdom that permeates and transcends the universe.
* Living in complete cooperation with this life force is being in the flow.
* Every event in life has intelligence and serves a purpose, even the uncomfortable events.
* When we function at peak performance, we express life differently from each other.
* The intellect needs not know everything, just that everything is intelligent.
* Our quality of life is not dependent on events, but how we respond to events.
* Coordinated change comes through us, not from us.
* To behave with dignity is nothing more than walking well in the face of change.
* We each have an inner blueprint for our greater levels of success.
* Challenges are lessons waiting to be learned.
* Life responds to every thought and every action.
* If we do not learn from a challenge, we are more likely to repeat it.
* Problem solving requires a different state of mind than the one that created it.
* If we are in a non-supportive environment, we are there to serve.
* When we meet the moment well, we find ourselves peaceful.
* When we focus on serving life, we are better able to see the bigger picture.
* The body is obedient to sincere intentions of the heart.
* Will power is beneficial when used cooperatively with the will of consciousness.
* When we are in touch with our body, we are in touch with life.
* The body is a vehicle of consciousness.
* Neurological expansion improves the living condition.

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