A stimulus is introduced into an area of the body, allowing the body a better opportunity to observe itself and the movements of life within it.

The Techniques of Catalyst

As with many things in life, the approaches of Catalyst become more refined over time. As needs arise, newer resources emerge. Below are the major catagories of which Catalyst offers a Thriveapeutic approach. Usually shared during The Blue Weekend, these offerings allow catalytic benefits to come through via different types of practices. Each approach comes with multiple themes or objectives. These themes continue to grow as newer objectives continue to reveal themselves.

Interpersonal Care (professional facilitation of Catalyst)
        * Catalyst Neurological Reeducation ™ (aka Catalyst)
        * Catalyst Massage ™ (aka Threshold Massage)

Intrapersonal Care (at-home care / self-facilitation of Catalyst)
        * Neuro-Meditative Dance (NMD) ™ (Catalyst Movements)
        * Catalyst Postures
        * Catalyst Breathing
        * Catalyst Chants
        * Catalyst Meditations