Learn and use an impressive array of supportive approaches for accessing deep states of inner peace.


Catalyst Yoga ™ includes Postures, Movements, Breathing Practices, and Chants. Catalyst claims the rights to the following Neuro-Integrative Postures ™

* Posture of Gratitude/Humility
* Posture of Reverence
* Posture of Feeling
* Posture of Stillness
* Posture of Offering
* Posture of Welcoming
* Posture of Bridging
* Posture of Invitation
* Posture of Ushering
* Posture of Repurification
* Posture of Illusion
* Posture of Celebration

Catalyst is a Registered Trademark on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Reg. No. 2,302,101).