Neuro-Integrative Dance ™ offers practical ways to embody the power of Catalyst at home. Each movement / dance comes with a specific theme or objective.

Neuro-meditative Dance (NMD)

NMD is a practice of using movements to support expansive changes. Each “dance” (movement) begins with a specific theme (to be announced). Each participant gets to express an interpretation of that theme through movement. No one’s watching. Each person moves independently, meaning he or she is too inwardly connected to be concerned about others and what they’re doing. It’s called a “dance” simply because of the use of evocative music that accompanies it. By being in the consideration of the exact movements that support the current theme, each “dancer” receives a greater in-the-body (neurological) result. One benefit of NMD is getting lost into the dance/theme, which is highly supportive for neuroplasticity (letting go, freedom, expansion, etc.)

Below are just a few of the NMD themes that have been used throughout the years. Neuro-Meditative Dance ™ (Neuro-Integrative Movement ™) is a very useful and practical resource for embodying great change.

* Catalyst Dance of Dissipation ™
* Catalyst Dance of Dissemination ™
* Catalyst Dance of Sanctification ™
* Catalyst Dance of the Alchemist™
* Catalyst Neuro-Integrative Rhythm ™
* Catalyst Dance of Forward Healing ™
* Catalyst Dance of Newness ™
* Catalyst Neuro-Integrative Meditation ™
* Catalyst Dance of Freedom ™
* Catalyst Dance of Neurological Expansion ™
* Catalyst Heart Dance ™
* Catalyst Dance of Breath ™
* Catalyst Root Dance ™
* Catalyst Veil Dance ™
* Catalyst Dance of Insight ™
* Catalyst Integrative Body Movements™
* Catalyst Dance of Celebration ™

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