We are here to serve life. When we focus exclusively on ourselves, we become severely limited. When we focus on serving life, we align ourselves to our higher purpose.

Catalyst Creed


(Downloadable version HERE)

I am committed to enjoying the fullness of this life and sharing the fullness of this life with Catalyst.

I do not diagnose or treat conditions.

I touch people.

I seek only to support.

I use my hands to communicate my deep respect for all of life.

Through my touch, I encourage the body to be more aware of itself and of the intelligence of life flowing through it.

I empower the body to respond peacefully to life so that the whole person can live more completely and oh so sweetly.

I am here to serve, directed by the wisdom that permeates and transcends this universe.

I breathe truth with every breath as life continues to reveal itself.

I listen with a humble and grateful heart, looking only for what is right.

My life is the solution.

I live with complete integrity and congruency.

My actions demonstrate the sincerity of my thoughts and words.

I see the bigger picture knowing that this life is not about me, knowing that change comes through me - not from me.

I know I am a success and that the perfection in life is always available for me to embrace.

I live totally in the love of this moment meeting the contribution I was born to make.

I stimulate all that is good and my life offers encouragement.

I am a Catalyst.