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Duluth, GA
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Tamalla Mallet has been successfully participating in Catalyst since 2009 and became a Certified Catalyst Facilitator in 2012. She works most often with those in the real estate industry as a licensed Broker (FSBO Realty, LLC), a licensed Associate Broker (Community Club Management, Inc), and a licensed real estate instructor,. She is also re-entering the field of real estate school ownership. Tamalla actively teaches board members as well as real estate professionals how to make their jobs easier and more effective.

Her experience with business ownership and extensive skills in the management of staff and processes make her a valuable asset to those in any career field. Having worked in sales, marketing, management, and well as community association management, the extent of her knowledge gives that extra assistance toward successful growth both in business and personally.

Tamalla enjoys and appreciates the love of her family and actively works to be a participant as well as a facilitator in every area of her life.

Contact Tamalla today to schedule your session: 404-734-4707 or tamallamallet@live.com.

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