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A Time to Recharge Your Batteries

Blue Night is 45 minutes of neurological nutrition (Type 4 Catalyst bodywork) delivered with no talking. There will be, however, music playing to support the journey. Odorless oil candles are also used to provide a nice, warm, soft lighting in all of the rooms. The entire session is designed specifically to promote a greater connectedness, body awareness (you being more in touch with your body), and somatic awareness (the body being more in touch with itself.)

What can you expect? That depends on what's inside of you. You may feel yourself break free and expand from the excessive tensions you carry. You may feel very little beyond relaxation. The current version of you that you bring to Blue Night is often the greatest variable or X factor commonly experienced as the unknown of Blue Night.

Why do we offer Blue Night? There are no other resources available that encourage true neuroplasticity the way Catalyst does, and allowing the body to enjoy the experience of expansiveness that occurs from receiving Type-4 Catalyst is a great gift you give to yourself. It is not accessible through any other medium. The enhanced body and somatic awareness and adaptability are extremely supportive for moving more easily and freely.

What Exactly IS Neurological Nutrition?

The body adapts to each environment neurologically. Blue Night, therefore, acts as a mindful or conscious environment. The calming ambient environment of Blue Night combines exquisitely with the soft, gentle contacts of Type-4 Catalyst to facilitate a nice, welcomed shift from the inside out, meaning it naturally encourages the body to change its state from greater held tension to a more natural release and expansion.

Most of us live with a body carrying around a certain degree of excessive tension, which is clearly NOT ideal for optimal functionality. By attempting to ignore or coexist with that higher degree of stress, we lower our ability to move with and adapt to life. In other words, we cannot enjoy our greater levels of optimal functionality while also holding excessive tension in the body. We respond expansively to external changes when the body is NOT held in tension from past stimuli. The body stores (holds) stress when stimuli exceeds its metabolic capacity. The input from Catalyst, however, is exquisitely below that threshold point, ushering the body to shift nicely from its current state to a softer, more dynamic one.

Through epigenetics (environmental influences) and being in an environment that organically produces greater awareness and adaptability, the movement within the body is from suboptimal to more optimal. We can literally relax and allow the work to do the work, in an ideal setting where it is most organic to do so. More importantly, the people receiving the work get to be passive. Their muscles get to unwind because the work (Catalyst) comes from an external source, the facilitator of Catalyst.

The approach of Blue Night is both simple and profound. It is delivered without any talking, which facilitates a greater connectedness between participant (you) and the work (Catalyst). As you and your body become more connected through this work, changes occur that would not otherwise occur without this specific combination of factors. That IS Blue Night. That IS the benefit of having conscious stimuli being introduced through the body as neurological nutrition.

The results are as astonishingly variable as are the participants themselves. Quite often, however, people report enjoying a more inwardly connected and expansively freeing session. What you do with that increase in awareness you gain from Blue Night is entirely up to you and your unique process. Each Blue Night becomes a mystery revealing itself. You can receive it in many ways. You can do nothing, for example, and allow the neurological nutrition of Catalyst to do what it does. You may find yourself moving in deeply meaningful ways or gaining a tremendous amount of insights. You may experience a profound stillness. All of these experiences and many more are possible through this approach. You can choose to use Blue Night to help you live more consciously and mindfully in the flow with life. Or you can simply enjoy whatever form of Blue Night you receive. Regardless, you will be receiving a form of care that is highly supportive for you and your body.

Wednesday Nights at 6PM

It is one of my joys to help you discover the simplicity and profoundness of Catalyst. Call 770-912-9197 to reserve your 45-minute spot and get an in-the-body understanding of what Blue Night is and what it can do for you and your body.

After you book a session tables, print out the Entrance Form and bring it with you completed and signed. In this way, there will be NO confusion regarding the objectives of Blue Night. Also, it will be helpful for you to read Preparing for Blue Night to familiarize yourself with the specific logistics regarding: a) what you can expect, b) our procedures, and c) how you can help maximize your results as well as other people's results.

Thank you ... and I look forward to sharing Blue Night with you.

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